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April, May and June have been busy months for MCS. In addition to the normal services we have also had the pleasure of hosting two very interesting workshops on the subjects of “Thought Field Therapy” (TFT) and “Crystals, how they can enhance your lives”.


The TFT workshop was held by London practitioner Charles Stone who gave the participants an introduction to how and why TFT works so efficiently in treating everyday problems. It also included first hand experience to give a better understanding of the methodology behind the treatment. According one of the participants the workshop was “ENTER NICE AND CATCHY QUOTE HERE, MAKING PEOPLE REGRET THEY DIDN’T COMEJ”


 The power of crystals tends to be underestimated by people who do not have the full understanding of their benefits. The Saturday June 3rd workshop taught the group what different crystals can be used for and how they should be placed and treated to give the maximum effect. The link between the ancient Chinese art of Feng-Shui and crystals was also established teaching the participants that it is not necessary do work actively with the crystals to form a creative and harmonious environment. What lies ahead? The fall season will bring about more workshops.


For more information on those please visit us online at Additionally, we will still keep to our core business of providing personal development courses suited to your needs.