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 Life Coaching

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WHO? Joanne Lewis Smith, founder of MCS, works in training and development in Monaco.

Working as a life and business coach, one of her strengths is in orientation.


A member of the institute of counselling, Joanne is qualified in communications, accountancy, human resources, stress management and is a master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). 


WHY use MCS?                                                   

  • You want or need life or business coaching to:
    Define your next goal plan in any area of your life, and make steps to get there
  • Improve organisation skills & time management.
  • Synergize or develop your business & / or career.
  • Manage stress.
  • You or your children need an empowering orientation process to find and check career choices & mission are congruent with who you are (OBCA -orientation benchmark process and report).
  • You are having difficulties with certain people or situations in your life;  you’d like to  improve on relationships in your life.
  • There is a pattern or block in your life you’d like to heal.
  • You would like coaching, counselling or advice & insights with past, present or future events including any of the above, recruitment & interviews, CV preparation, your next career or professional move.

"Joanne’s calm, congruent and quiet confidence put me at ease. Someone I know I can trust to do the best for me.”
Kevin Hendrick Hypnotherapist, Ireland.

"It was great to talk to you. Gave me lots to think about. I was astonished by your intuition."

Diana, United Kingdom.


  • Life, personal & business coaching is in both English, or French. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques are often used with coaching tools, counselling & personal development.
  • Orientation (OBCA) is a great process that taps into what is of value to you today. An NLP process benchmarks this, noting any ‘blind spots’ in your beliefs. It aims to reveal your current & life mission. Profiling (language & behavior) assesses where you will be happiest and most productive. A personalised benchmark analysis & report powerfully helps further define your direction & meet your goal.
  • Techniques are discussed to manage stress more effectively by: identifying and correcting stress triggers; stress counselling; guided meditation.
  • Workshops & coaching days are customised to include your choices e.g. creative visioning - active steps to your future; guided meditation; inner child work; time line work; stress management; coaching & NLP.
  • Monaco Coaching & Strategies is committed to giving you a valuable service. All enquiries and sessions are bound by strict code of ethics and confidentiality.
  • Call for a complimentary half hour introduction.

”I sought out Joanne's coaching advice during a difficult period in my life when I was faced with both professional and personal questions. I found Joanne to be very professional, yet also very approachable. Using various methods, she helped me to gain incite into my work habits, to organize my time and to create space in my life for the things that truly mattered. Above all, I appreciated Joanne's flexibility and willingness to approach my issues from several different angles. I highly recommend Joanne to anyone who is seeking a bit of guidance, be professional or personal.”
An American client living in Monaco