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 Welcome to Monaco C. Strategies

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We founded Monaco C. Strategies in 2004 with the mission to provide personal and business development training & coaching in Monaco.

Our primary mission is to guide clients to find their own solutions, giving the coaching tools and support to set and achieve realistic goals. (and then some.) What is refreshing about MCS is that the tools come from the U.S. or the U.K. Therefore it can be resource saving for local companies to have their managers come to us, rather than to the U.K. or Brussels for continuous development in for instance leadership or communications. We are developing into so much more.

We are able to develop bespoke workshops “in house” to suit company or staff needs; give a full 360 orientation package to the individual who wants to start a career or go back to work and isn’t 100% sure in which field; to relationship counselling & stress management. A phone call on (377) 97 97 62 39 to reach us for your exclusive personal and professional development, or by mail on jls.mcs @

“Connectivity is a state of mind”

Staying in optimum form, both physically, emotionally and mentally is paramount to life, let alone business. We therefore also offer telephone and / or video conferencing support (payable by credit card) for both business & personal “coaching” as outlined on other pages. We practice keeping up to date (i.e. willing to learn, unlearn & relearn). We incorporate some of the latest tools and concepts available, without letting go of trusted and structured principles. We have incorporated some of the feedback we have received from clients throughout this site. Thank you for taking the time to visit the other pages. We look forward to hearing from you. 377 97 97 62 39 or
jls.mcs @

Corporate development.

Workshops to include, for example, business development, leadership & motivation, communication, strategic thinking, time management, goal setting, thinking out of the box, & compliance issues. We also offer one on one business coaching to include these themes, and more.

Getting to us.

HOW TO GET TO US (see map link below)
FLY to NICE (NCE), from € 40 plus taxes from all London airports, Liverpool, Bristol, Kent & Nottingham— book by internet on:

Airport BUS takes you to Monte Carlo for €15 one way, € 23 return or treat yourself to the chopper :
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